WILD DUBACH is cross-border.

German Desk

Our German desk provides our clients in Switzerland and our clients from abroad German law for cases in Germany or any cross-border transactions between Switzerland and Germany.

We also offer through our German Desk the notarisation of marriage contracts and inheritance contracts according to German law in our office in Switzerland (Rapperswil). Residents with high assets in Germany benefit from the considerably lower notarial fees in Switzerland than in Germany. 

For any requests contact us at info@dubach-law.ch.

Latin American Desk

Lizbeth Jost, Attorney, is our Mexican and Latin American Desk officer. Lizbeth was working for a law firm in Mexico City and provides now in our offices in Switzerland to our national and international clients legal advice in any cross -border transaction between Switzerland and Mexico or Latin America and offers our clients legal consulting in Mexican law.

Fernando GutiĆ©rrez is our key contact in Argentina and as such part of the Latin American Desk. Fernando is specialized in international law. With his experience he supports clients in any matters related to Argentinian law.

Contact Foreign Desk

+41 44 380 15 43