Lenka Ziegler is running for vice presidency of the Supreme Court

Dr iur. Lenka Ziegler from Bürglen will stand in the elections in March 2023 for the office of Vice Presidency of the Supreme Court. Lenka Ziegler studied law at the University of Trnava in Slovakia, where she received her master's degree. She then completed her master's degree at the University of Lucerne, which she graduated with the distinction "magna cum laude". Lenka worked for several years at the University of Lucerne as a scientific assistant to Prof. Dr. iur. Regina E. Aebi-Müller and also did her doctorate on a medical law-related topic. She completed her internship to obtain her license to practice law at the District Court of Lucerne and at a law firm specializing in liability and social security law. She also worked as a lecturer in private law at the law faculty of the University of Lucerne. Lenka has been with WILD DUBACH since October 2020 and heads the liability, insurance and medical law team.


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