Jozef Kubala

Jozef Kubala

JUDr. Jozef Kubala is a founder and partner of the Just1 law firm KubalaLegal, based in Kosice, Slovakia, where he has practiced as an attorney at law since 2014.

One of Jozef’s main specializations is Immigration law. In this area, he is an expert in assisting his clients in the process of obtaining and revalidating temporary or permanent residence permits. Furthermore, he provides legal consultation and services related to the carrying out of business activities or the employment of foreigners in the Slovak Republic. During his practice as an attorney at law Jozef has participated in many legal due diligence proceedings, which preceded the joining of both local and foreign investors into Slovak businesses.

Jozef graduated with a Master degree from the University of Trnava in 2010 and received his doctorate from the University of Pavol Jozef Safarik in Korsice in 2012. Within post-graduate education, he currently works at the Institute of International Law and European Law, Faculty of Law, Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice. He is the author of many professional and scientific articles published in both domestic and foreign journals and he regularly participates at scholarly conferences and gives lectures.

Jozef speaks Slovakian, English and French


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