Stalking – a new offense?

The initiative is already in motion and there is a prospect that stalking could also be explicitly prosecuted in the future.

The introduction of a specific criminal provision on stalking in Switzerland reflects the recognition of the seriousness and potentially devastating impact of this behavior on victims. Stalking often involves repeated acts intended to follow, monitor or otherwise restrict a person’s life. This can lead to significant stress, anxiety and even physical danger for the victim.
The introduction of a criminal standard on stalking aims not only to punish offenders, but also to promote prevention measures, improve victim protection and raise awareness of the seriousness of this problem in society.

On 23.02.2024, the committee of the National Council already adopted a preliminary draft. This will next be submitted to the Federal Council for its opinion and published. The National Council is expected to discuss it in the coming summer session.

It remains to be seen what will happen with the stalking offense.

written in March 2024 | Lynne Dülberg

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