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WILD DUBACH has been offering legal advice to private individuals, companies and the public sector since 1984. We represent our clients in court, but we also advise and support you in real estate matters, tax matters, in company structuring, as a family office, in all matters relating to residence in Switzerland, and we provide domicile addresses and offices. Our notary is at your side for notarizations in the area of company law (such as establishing companies throughout Switzerland), real estate transactions in Lucerne and Obwalden as well as marriage and inheritance law in Switzerland and abroad.

WILD DUBACH is a Just1 law firm (www.just1.eu). With our Just1 offices throughout Europe and Canada, our partnership with JEGAL in Shanghai and our worldwide contacts, we offer our clients the best legal advice in national and international matters at competitive fees.


Stalking – a new offense?

The initiative is already in motion and there is a prospect that stalking could also be explicitly prosecuted in the future. The introduction of a specific criminal provision on stalking

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